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GObject introspection and cairo?

I am currently working again on the gobject introspection based
bindings for Nim language (https://github.com/StefanSalewski/nim-gi).

And I wonder why there is only minimal support for cairo --
/usr/share/gir-1.0/cairo-1.0.gir is minimal.

Of course cairo is not gobject based, but is that the real problem? I
think glib is not gobject based too?

Of course cairo interface is not large, so I can used the c2nim
generated cairo bindings from https://github.com/ngtk3/nim-cairo and
adapt it manually.

But it would be nicer with direct introspection support -- not only for
Nim, but also for other gi based bindings like Ruby, Python, Rust,
Crystal and such I assume?

And a not directly related remark: nim-chess3 is now available -- but
it uses still the c2nim generated GTK 3.20 bindings. Maybe next winter
I will replace that basic GUI with a real one.
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