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Changing cursor in GtkTextView

I'm trying to change the cursor in a GtkTextView but with no success.

I have a signal that is being triggered 

g_signal_connect_after( View->Information, "realize",
                      (GCallback) on_TextViewRealize, userData );

calling this callback on the GtkTextView's creation

static void
on_TextViewRealize(GtkTextView *textView,  void *userData)
GdkCursor *helpCursor = gdk_cursor_new_from_name ( gtk_widget_get_display( GTK_WIDGET(textView) ), "help");
    gdk_window_set_cursor ( gtk_text_view_get_window ( GTK_TEXT_VIEW(textView), GTK_TEXT_WINDOW_TEXT ), helpCursor );
    if (helpCursor)
          g_object_unref (helpCursor);

but I see no change ???!!!  Can anyone help ?


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