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Re: Come up with layout like QT in new version

On 03/03/2017 02:53 AM, feyyaz özdemir wrote:
> Hello i want to use GTK yy while using c language programming
> language python programming language but if I have layout like QT,

Is there a question you wish to ask?  Unless you ask an understandable
question, you will not get a reasonable reply.

Guessing (which is always dangerous), I would say you are asking if you
can lay out widgets in GTK+ in a similar manner to how you do it in Qt.
And the answer to that is, yes.  GTK's widget layout facilities are very
flexible and very powerful, and very similar to Qt's layouts.

Primarily you pack widgets into GtkBox containers, which can resize and
adjust automatically. The GtkBox container is analogous to the
QBoxLayout container.

Qt has the concept of spacers (QtSpacerItem), which don't exist as
separate widgets in GTK+, but you can get the same effect in GTK+ by
using the expand and fill flags when packing the widgets into the box.
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