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Could this be a background-color bug in GTK+3.22?

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Dear all,

I'm a user of the document viewer Zathura (https://pwmt.org/projects/zathura/) which uses GTK+ for its interface

Since upgrading to GTK+ 3.22 it has suffered from a background color bug/issue. The developers are not giving this high priority (which is fair enough) so I'm trying to investigate it. Now asking your mailing list for input.
Please bear with me as I'm not GTK+ developer.

This video/gif demonstrates the issue: http://i.imgur.com/xcCgB03.mp4

What you see is this:

# 1. Zathura on the left with no document open, running in debug mode with GTK+ Inspector open on the top right. The background is green because I've specified 'default-bg' as "green" in a config file and the application has this CSS rule:
#@session@ * {
    color: @default-fg@;
    background-color: @default-bg@;
    background-image: none;

#2: I turn the background brown by specifying "* { background: brown; }" in the interactive debuggers CSS tab.

#3: Then a pdf file is opened and zoomed until it overflows the top and bottom of the window. This cause the window background to turn black, and when I zoom out again the background stays black.

#4: I change the CSS specification in the interactive debugger and the background color reappears as it is intended.
I assume this triggers a reload/reapplication of the CSS.

Could that be a GTK bug? It appears as a rendering issue. When the background appears black GTK+ Inspector reports the 'background-color' property as green or brown as I specified, not black as is displayed/rendered.

I'm afraid I don't have a minimal working example reproducing the problem. I would just like your input on whether it could be
a GTK bug or not.

Thank you for your input!

/ Jonas

P.S. Should anyone be interested in the application's code or CSS it is available here:
git clone https://git.pwmt.org/pwmt/girara.git
git clone https://git.pwmt.org/pwmt/zathura.git

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