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libsecret prompts without GUI

Hi all,

I hope this is an appropriate venue for libsecret/glib questions.

I am writing a libsecret client and wondering if I can perform the prompting without the GUI. Based on the docs, this might be possible, by overriding some prompting functions in the appropriate libsecret class. I even found a dummy example:

        SecretServiceClass *class = SECRET_SERVICE_GET_CLASS(serv);
        class->prompt_sync = &prompt_sync_dummy;
        class->prompt_async = &prompt_async_dummy;
        class->prompt_finish = &prompt_finish_dummy;


But I am having a hard time implementing this with a non-dummy prompting function. Is this possible at all? If yes, can someone give me some pointers for what the overriding prompt_sync, etc. functions are expected to do?

Thanks much!
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