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g_convert() character encode converter failure for GBK to utf8

Hi Glib developers:

We found a issue of g_convert() when convert the GBK encode to the UTF8.
We are using  glib-2.0_2.40.0.
After doing some investigation, I feel it might be caused by the iconv APIs. Since the conversion  also fail with the iconv API directly.
As I understand the iconv API is come from glibc. So I try to do following test:

download the separate library libiconv from https://www.gnu.org/software/libiconv/ 1.14 version
do cross compile for ARM
on target:
export LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/preloadable_libiconv.so
run my test to verify

it fixed the issue and the g_convert() success to do the conversion of GBK to utf8.

My questions are:
1. is this caused by the glibc ? because it provided the iconv API for glib. So I need update the glibc ?
2. can I rebuild the glib with the configuration --with-libiconv to fix this issue ?

Best regards

 Weller HUANG

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