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Re: Gtk3 portability

You cannot simply ship a single file; at most, you can bundle all the
dependencies together and then use a launcher script to set up the
whole environment, but I would not recommend it.

You should probably look at Flatpak, instead: http://flatpak.org/

Flatpak solved the issue of building and bundling your application, as
well as sandboxing it. If you use GTK+ 3.x you will already have
access to all the required features to make it work.


On 11 February 2017 at 18:22, Ian Chapman <ichapman@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Gtk3 portability
> Hi, I have made a Linux gtk3 program and have it running on my Debian Mint
> AMD64 machine.
> I mistakenly thought that the program file (binary file) held all that was
> needed to run.
> I moved the program file to a newly installed Mint 18.1 and ran into a few
> difficulties.
> 1. I had to install libsdl2 to get over the first hick.
> 2. My program was looking for libglew.so.1.10 but what was in the repository
> was 1.13 obviously a slightly later version.
> 3. I overcame hick 2 by pulling over C++ and gtk3 and recompiling from
> source.
> Maybe you guys and gals can give me a few pointers so that I can generate
> the program file (binary file) without all the above hassle? Regards Ian.
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