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GObject Introspection, g-field-info-get-size


Is someone still familiar with GObject Introspection?

I am investigating creating high level GObject Introspection based Nim bindings.

Most seems to work well, some not: For example


seems to give always zero.

Is that intended?

I may need that for introspecting structs with bit fields. Well, there
are not many, but a few.

Low level Nim bindings already exists, generated from header files with
tool c2nim:


But I have the feeling that for higher level bindings GObject
Introspection may be fine -- when it works reliable.

Another problem is g_enum_info_get_n_methods() and
g_enum_info_get_method(). For some GTK3 enums n_methods seems to be
greater than zero, but g_enum_info_get_method() gives garbage or
crashes. But that is a minor problem, I may just ignore it.

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