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Re: GTK 3.22 Breaking My Eclipse IDE

On 10/12/2016 09:19 AM, Markus Walther wrote:
> Upgrading to GTK 3.22 broke the Preferences window in my Eclipse IDE. It
> has also caused strange positioning of the Eclipse splash-screen at startup
> and gives a lot of GTK warnings in the console (see attachment).
> Buttons and text inside the Preferences get cut off. This is also the case
> for many if not all other 'sub-windows' of Eclipse.
> Reverting back to 3.20.9 has now worked for me to get rid of said issues.
> Can anyone make sense of these Warning & Critical messages that I get?
> Tested on:
> Arch Linux
> Eclipse Neon & Neon.1 (eclipse-java-4.6.0-1)
> The following GTK packages:
> 3.22.1+8+ge11df6c-2
> 3.22.1-1
> 3.22.0+29+gfa23641-1
> 3.22.0+21+gad32a48-1
> 3.22.0-1
> With Adwaita & Numix themes

These are all theme (CSS) errors. Apparently theming is expecting
slightly different CSS from what it was using in 3.20 and 3.22 (again).
However, I thought that Adwaita was GTK's default theme and ships with
GTK. If so, are you sure you're running the GTK 3.22 version of this theme?
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