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While adding gapplication framework and gtk-application framework code
to an existing GUI application.

When using a embedded gtk-clutter widget with gobject
and sub classed under gtk-application even when using a 
gtk-application window the application menu does not
show up. 

I wanted to move the gui about-menu-button to the application menu

Will the top level window which contains the embedded gtk-clutter
window inherit the ability to display an application menu when sub-
classed under gtk_application or must the gtk-application window be
realized before the app-menu code will be active.

I have tried adding the embedded gtk-clutter widget to a gtk-
application window and a top-level window widget without app-menu
success and using both gmenu.

According to the docs both the gtk-application window and  embedded
gtk-clutter widget window are both top level windows. 

gobject-> gapplcation -> gtkapplication -> embedded-gtk-widget-window.

Timothy Ward  
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