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Re: GTK threads synchronization issues


On 12 October 2016 at 06:22, <pspgen@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello Colleagues :) ,
I am working on a major project lately, but the last thing I was experiencing was heavy synchronization issues with g_thred_new.
After a while I found out that the problem is because I modify/update application's GUI from the thread.
By problems I allude generally application text damages such as showing non-standard characters instead of the widget's intended text, sometimes
even crashes and asserts.
Is that correct  and I should not make changes to the GUI inside such thread ?

You *cannot* use GDK or GTK+ API from any other thread except the one that called `gtk_init()` and `gtk_main()`, or `g_application_run()`.


Is there any way I can do that within the thread without ending in a symbolic mess ?

No, there isn't.

The common pattern is to schedule UI changes from separate threads using API like GTask.


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