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Re: How does one add an item to the “recently used” file list (from Python)?

Op 10/07/2016 om 11:55 PM schreef Laurence Gonsalves:
> However, when I tried adding an item like this...
>     # /home/laurence/foo/bar.txt is an existing text file
>     recent_mgr.add_item('file:///home/laurence/foo/bar.txt')
> ...the file does not show up in the Recent section of Nautilus or in
> file dialogs. It doesn't even show up in the results returned by
> recent_mgr.get_items(). The call to add_item returned True.

That is how you do it, however you _require_ a main-loop running for
this to work. Working example below.


from gi.repository import Gtk, GLib

def on_timeout(manager):
    res = manager.add_item('file:///home/user/example.txt')

recent_manager = Gtk.RecentManager.get_default()

GLib.timeout_add(5000, on_timeout, recent_manager)


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