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Text in progressbar

I am migrating an application from GTK+2 to GTK+3 and have not been able to resolve two issues.

The first is that in my GTK+2 program I was able to show a progressbar with text  displayed in front of the bar (saving screen real estate).
I cannot replicate this in GTK-3 unless I create another GtkLabel and position it in front of the progressbar. This is not elegant  8-)
Gtk3 insists on positioning the text above the bar (consuming more screen space)
How can I display the progressbar's own label in front of the bar (and not above it) ?  I could not see a way to do this with CSS but perhaps I've just not found it!

The second issue was with GtkTextView.
In Gtk2 I could fix the size of the widget, but in GTK3 the widget resizes if the text exceeds the width/height. I have many widgets in a grid and this is very messy (I would prefer the text be truncated).
I've put the GtkTextView into a scroll window which will fix the width but I cannot seem to fix the height.
What do I need to do to create a fixed size window with a GtkTextView ?
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