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Re: Gramps 3.4.9 problem with ubuntu 16.04, which may be related to GTK 2.24.30

Op 23-07-16 om 18:45 schreef Michael Torrie:
On 06/29/2016 12:48 PM, Enno Borgsteede wrote:
I know how to compile a GTK version myself, and it's no big issue to add
log statements either, but I don't want to replace the system GTK+
version 2, because many other applications still depend on it, and I
don't want to corrupt my whole system. So, what I like to know is how I
can push Python to work with a hacked GTK+ version 2 that sits in my
home folder.
You can use the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable to have Linux load
your custom debugging GTK libraries.  No need to overwrite the system
Do you know if this will help for Python too? It calls GTK+-2 via a wrapper called PyGTK, I think, and I don't know whether that wrapper's bindings look at the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable.

That said, I haven't been able to reproduce my problems with a simple C program yet, so proving that what I see in Mint 18 or ubuntu 16.04 is really caused by GTK 2.24.30 may still be quite difficult.

For now, it's easier for me to just stick with Mint 17.3 as long as that is supported well. I might convert to a newer version if I knew that someone else might help me with this GTK issue, but it looks like I'm the only one complaining now, and I don't have the skills to work on GTK 2 yet, nor much time.



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