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Re: Tooltip over dark background

Op 06/14/2016 om 10:08 PM schreef Stefan Salewski:
> There seems to be no easy solution. Getting the GtkSourceView colors is
> not easy, and setting the tooltip colors may be really hard. Plain
> color setting is deprecated generally, so we have to use CSS I guess.
> Maybe the only way is Pango markup? Well, may result in a whole day of
> work, maybe a whole weekend, and maybe still not work :-(

Unfortunately documentation is really sparse and it took my some effort
to figure this out. What you are supposed to do is create a style
provider and use it to load some css with colors and effects you want.
What I did is the following:

  * Set a unique widget names which we can use in the css.
  * Create css which uses these unique widget names (eg
#MyUniqueWidgetName GtkTreeView:selected)
  * Create a GtkStyleProvider and load the css (css can be inline or in
a file)
  * Attach the style provider to the GtkStyleContext


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