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GtkStackSwitcher with close (x) widget?



"Our simple ui file puts a GtkHeaderBar on top of a GtkStack widget.
The header bar contains a GtkStackSwitcher, which is a standalone
widget to show a row of 'tabs' for the pages of a GtkStack."

What is the recommended way to provide user an easy way to close
tabs/pages? Web browsers generally display a small x on each tab label
for closing. For GtkNotebook is was possible with some work. For
GtkStackSwitcher it seems that we can not use custom widgets for tabs,
so there is no way to add icon or pull down menu?

I would need a really fast easy way for closing tabs, it is for an
plain Nim Editor with idetools support, "Go to definition" action would
open a new tab with sourceview widget and jump to definition of
object/proc/enum. Then the user may want to close that tab fast.
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