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Re: Uniform look-and-feel on GNU/Linux

On 04/08/2016 10:37 AM, Fabio Pesari wrote:
> One of the accusations made against GNU/Linux is that there is no
> established "native" look-and-feel on it - GTK programs look different
> from Qt programs, JUCE programs look different from Qt programs, Tk
> programs and FLTK programs look different from everything else and so on.
> This claim isn't false, it's just that most of us simply don't care
> about it and often (unjustly) accuse those people of being superficial.
> But as the recent thread about blind users on libreplanet-discuss showed
> us, the widget toolkit used for a program can make a huge functional
> difference to some people.
> wxGtk gave me an idea: what if (optional) GTK3 backends were written for
> all other GUI toolkits (Tk, FLTK, JUCE, Qt, Fox, Swt, Swing)?

Actually there is a GTK+ 2 "backend" for Swing [1]. It draws all buttons
and text fields and so on like GTK+ does, but it does not always work
well. For example, some text input fields that work well with the
default Java Swing look are very small with the GTK+ look.

It also is no more accessible to blind users than the default look. How
could it be?


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