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Re: Uniform look-and-feel on GNU/Linux

On Fri, Apr 8, 2016 at 4:37 AM, Fabio Pesari <fabiop@xxxxxxx> wrote:
One of the accusations made against GNU/Linux is that there is no
established "native" look-and-feel on it

if you use a wider set of applications, you'll find there is no established look and feel for other platforms either.

try running audio production applications on windows or OS X and you'll find essentially ZERO common look and feel: most of these apps are written using cross-platform GUI toolkits that allow extreme variability in application appearance (several use GL-based toolkits).

note also that web-based applications, which become more and more common with each passing month, also show a similar lack of unified look-and-feel.
wxGtk gave me an idea: what if (optional) GTK3 backends were written for
all other GUI toolkits (Tk, FLTK, JUCE, Qt, Fox, Swt, Swing)?

this is frankly totally *absurd*. Nobody is ever going to develop, let alone use, GTK as a backend for another toolkit, anymore than Qt is going to become the backend for GTK. wxWidgets is the *only* "toolkit" crazy enough to attempt to wrap other toolkits in this way. You seem to be dramatically (as in, on the level of 2 orders of magnitude) under-estimating what "a backend for a toolkit" involves.
  or PureData,

puredata uses its own drawing primitives and would not any better or worse no matter what toolkit was used to provide it with windows and event handling.
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