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Re: Gtk.WindowPosition.CENTER ignored

Hi Florian,
  following my answers

On Mon, Apr 11, 2016 at 8:29 PM, Florian Pelz <pelzflorian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
For me, gtk_window_move doesn't work on Wayland. It works on X. I don't
know about Quartz/OSX. There are some bugs about gtk_window_move on

I'll try to figure out if there's already an opened issue.

Are you running Wayland on Linux?

GNOME 3.20 on X but I've logged in on GNOME Wayland and from top, left corner the position became right above the terminal ... even worst than X ...

Is it only window-position that does
not work or is gtk_window_move also broken for you?

Good question.
Changing `win.connect("show",Gtk.main);` to
moves the window in the right spot, still on X.

I might try after on Wayland too but the point is that position is not working.
That said, maybe there is no need for your window to override the window
manager's default position?

I'm not sure you're trying to suggest a work around but, as a software developer, I strongly believe a default value doesn't mean if you use/pass that exact value, the code behind decides instead to use a random number, string, or shenanigan.

Accordingly, if I pass position center and the code, which by default has a position center, doesn't accept my value, I call that a bug.

Regardless, Ubuntu 16 seems to work without problems with the exact same code so maybe there's something else missing here?
Is any specific library necessary to position properly windows?

Best Regards

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