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Re: GtkFrame looks different each time the program is started


On 22 March 2016 at 18:09, Andreas Falkenhahn <andreas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> This is really confusing the heck out of me. Please take a look at this
> screenshot:
> http://www.falkenhahn.com/tmp/shot.png

Are you sure you linked the right screenshot? That looks like a Qt UI, to me.

> Sometimes, the GtkFrames in my program look like on the left side, and
> sometimes they look like on the right side - or even a mix of the two!
> The program is exactly the same. Just running the same program multiple
> times yields very different looks of the GtkFrames in the program! How
> can that be?
> It seems that there are two different designs of GtkFrame:
> 1) The first one has its label centered at the top of the frame and smoothly
> dissolves towards the bottom so that the frame doesn't completely enclose
> the GtkFrame's contents.
> 2) The second design has its label left-aligned at the top of the frame and
> draws a border around the complete GtkFrame.

That's something the theme decides, not GtkFrame.

> The problem is now that GTK+ seems to choose one of the two designs entirely
> at random. I don't see any pattern in which design I'm going to get. It appears
> to happen completely at random which is really confusing me.
> Can somebody shed a light onto this mystery? What is going on here? Is there
> a way to force GTK+ to use a certain design?
> I'm using GTK+ 2.24.10 with the Adwaita theme on Linux Mint. On Ubuntu I
> don't see this behaviour. On Ubuntu all GtkFrames look exactly the same
> and they never change. But on Linux Mint with Adwaita the apparently random
> change of GtkFrame designs is confusing the heck out of me...

I have no idea what kind of theme you're using, by that's most
definitely *not* Adwaita.

This is GTK 2.24 with Adwaita: http://i.imgur.com/AQ71KPb.png

As you can see, all the frames look exactly the same.


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