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Re: Is gtk-fb still actively maintained?

On Sunday, March 13, 2016, Emmanuele Bassi <ebassi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 12 March 2016 at 15:34, Woody Wu <narkewoody@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> > I am hesitate to install a Xorg sever on a
>> > small device.  Thanks.
>> I don't see the issue. If it can run GTK then it most definitely can run
>> X.
> Yes, it can, but need more space and memory.

What I meant was that it's highly unlikely that running the X server
and a minimal window manager, like Matchbox, is going to require much
more memory than running any GTK application. As for storage
consumption, I used to be able to put a custom tailored, but largely
unpatched, stack of kernel, X.org, GTK, and GStreamer on a 32 MB eMMC
10 years ago, and leave enough room for an application to

Thanks all your inputs. I like to hear more from you guys. At this point, two thinkings,

- talking about x.org, do you think it's still better than KDriver (TinyX) if the display is only a framebuffer device.

- Google tells me there is an altetnative to GTK, that is Qtopis or QT Embedded. It's web site is confusing but Google says it directly run on framebuffer.  Do you guys have experience on that? How about it comparing to GTK + x.org solution?

Many thanks.


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