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Support of Joystick/Gamepad in GTK+ 3.18

Hello GTK+ developers,
    I have a few questions about GTK+ input support. I understand GTK+ is cross-platform GUI toolkit and have support for several input device like mouse, keyboard and touch. I want to know
  • does GTK+ 3.18 support Joystick functionalities like axes, haptics and multiple joysticks.
  • If not, how can I override the input subsystem of GTK+ to extract only joystick events to handle them from a different library which might have support for this?
  • does GTK+ derive input support from underlying windowing system? In that case if the underlying windowing system(such as X11) doesn't support joysticks can I still integrate it with GTK+(e.g. through evdev)?

Thank you for support,

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