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Re: 64bit GTKmm

> I kinda figured that gtkmm could compile under 64 bits given it is 2015.

Hello, I remember I was using a full Dropline Gnome (including GTKmm) on Slamd64 back in 2005… And you know, AMD released the Athlon 64 in september 2003, and you can easily find 64bit GTKmm packages on the internet from september 2003, here is the Suse 9 package for 64bit gtkmm from september 2003:

As you see, when AMD sold their first amd64, you were already able to run a 64bit GTKmm on it without having to compile it yourself. The first ready-to-use and precompiled Suse package was officially released the same month of the availability of this hardware platform on the market.

I don't really understand what you mean saying “given it is 2015”, it always worked. It's possible to get a 64bit desktop experiment including GTKmm since more than ten years.

So yes, you really don't have to doubt, and I don't understand from where that doubt come from.

Good to you.

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