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Re: problem when debug glib source code with gdb

On 23.11.2015 21:27, jcupitt@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
>>    Dear friend, Recently I  am curious about how glib works, so I want to
>> debug its source code with gdb. But I got stuck...
>> These are steps I followed, after the source code is downloaded:
>> 1) ./configure --enable-debug=yes
> The --enable-debug switch turns on some internal tests, but it doesn't
> make the compiler add debugging information.
> Try:
> CFLAGS=-g ./configure --enable-debug=yes
> make
> make install

./configure --enable-debug=yes CFLAGS="-g" STRIP=true
make install

CFLAGS="-g" is to compile with debug info
STRIP=true is to prevent autotools from stripping debug info during `make
install' (use the `true' program to strip binaries, it does nothing).

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