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Pthread lock on g_once_init_enter (&g_define_type_id__volatile)


Maybe someone here can help me. I defined a subclass of another existing class.


typedef struct _ThriftSSLSocket ThriftSSLSocket;

struct _ThriftSSLSocket
  ThriftSocket parent;

  /* private */
typedef struct _ThriftSSLSocketClass ThriftSSLSocketClass;

struct _ThriftSSLSocketClass
    ThriftSocketClass parent;
// More code here

And in the C file I'm defining this new type:

G_DEFINE_TYPE(ThriftSSLSocket, thrift_ssl_socket, THRIFT_TYPE_SSL_SOCKET)

// More code here

Looks good sofar. But when I do:

  object = g_object_new (THRIFT_TYPE_SSL_SOCKET, NULL);

It stalls waiting for the macro expansion here:

  static volatile gsize g_define_type_id__volatile = 0;
    if (g_once_init_enter (&g_define_type_id__volatile)) {   <<<<<----------- Because a thread lock.
        GType g_define_type_id =

The question is why? Maybe the base class is not derivable?

Best regards,
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