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Re: How to tell filechooser to sort directories first and not to mix dirs with files?

Hi Gergely,

> Which Fedora update are you referring to? Sorting works fine for me on the
> current F22. I cannot check the other issues right now, maybe tomorrow;
> let’s hope someone else will answer beforehand.

Thanks for your reply. I am now on Fedora-22.

I uploaded a screenshot of how the GTK3 filechooser currently looks on
my system at: http://picpaste.com/firefox_gtk3_filechooser-5hRCZRJ3.png

It is in pretty bad shope compared to GTK2's filechooser:
* Directory and files are mixed
* GTK2's filechooser allowed me to type the beginning of a filename
and automatically selected it
* The buttons on the bottom have visual artifacts (most likely a theme issue)
* In this case the new "end of scrollable are" animation is shown on
the top, although I wasn't scrolling at that moment

Best regards, Clemens
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