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Re: Misconduct of GTK+/glib Bugtracker Admins


I didn’t really want you to believe me, I just shared my experiences, that’s all. I got help several times from these “Red Hat employees” before, although I wouldn’t say it came in an instant; I must confess that sometimes I bugged them or IRC before they answered my calls. The keywords here are patience, persistence and and politeness. I’d like to think I bear all these virtues and use them well. Reading your bug report and the original message, I think if you state your problems without getting personal with either them or the companies they work for (or you think they work for), you could have gotten more far.

Yes, I also think they were not very respectful, but to be honest, you called for it: if you threaten someone by any means, don’t be surprised if they strike back. It goes just like this everywhere in this world.

I will leave this thread alone now. Of course, if you have anything to discuss with me we can do that in private, and I hereby grant you to publish our discussions with my name if we do so.

I still hope your problem gets solved, as I can see the use case and the annoyance of your users.

Wishing you the best,
Gergely Polonkai

2015-06-07 23:18 GMT+02:00 IgnorantGuru <ignorantguru@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
On Sun, 7 Jun 2015 21:53:24 +0200
Gergely Polonkai <gergely@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello,
> I’m sorry to say that, but I find your name very appropriate in this
> case: *Ignorant* Guru. You seem to ignore every statement that says
> something else that you do.
> GNOME is not a Red Hat product. It is a GNOME Foundation product, if
> you want to put it anywhere. It is led by several developers, Red Hat
> employees or not, who put a lot of effort to make it better. I
> personally know that they *do* accept patches, as I have sent some of
> them in the past, and possibly will send more in the future. You were
> told several times that if you don’t like the way it works, then
> create a patch: GNOME developers don’t necessarily have the time to
> make this work for you. You can see how many problems they have to
> deal with either by looking at the bug tracker or the IRC channel
> they hang around on.
> I try to repeat what so many others said before in this thread: if
> you have put half the effort into writing a patch instead of writing
> such not-well backed complaints, this problem should have been solved
> already.
> Disclaimer: I’m not officially connected with GNOME nor Red Hat, Inc.
> I just use GNOME since 1.something, and although I don’t necessarily
> agree with all the steps they took, I still like this platform.
> Kind regards,
> Gergely


Thank you for your reply, but you do not seem to be processing the information here any better than you say I am.  This bug's resolution means little to my software.  I was merely offering some input to help them solve it.  It's very low on my list of things to be addressed.  It's a minor annoyance to a few my users, indirectly in other apps' behavior.

The real issue here, which you didn't process at all, is the conduct of the admins/developers.  Period.  If you find their behavior acceptable or of high quality, so be it.  I do not.

Since sending these list mails, I have noticed a phenomenon.  People are disagreeing with me publicly, yet more are writing to me privately agreeing, and giving examples where these same developers were, to use one person's words:  "[to see more] more shockingly antagonizing behavior from ebassi, you should check out how he talked to J. Ralls (the gtk-osx maintainer) a few years back. Worth a read, downright disrespectful."

Someone also writes, "They centralized everything 'under the main GTK site', then nothing happened. Patches are still not being applied. etc."

Another writes, "Although I've been working with GTK+ since the first versions, I'm today also very disappointed."

Yet these people are not comfortable posting such comments here or being quoted by name.  This is a pattern I have seen before surrounding Red Hat, as well as GTK+ - people feel they cannot speak their mind on these issues.

Seems your story differs from theirs, and since I've experienced what they're referring to directly (for years), and have seen countless other examples, why would I believe you?
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