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Re: Treeviews: changing the color of column headers

On Sun, 2015-06-14 at 08:30 +0200, Juan L. Freniche wrote:
> What is 
> wrong in the sample program? Unfortunately I couldn't guess their
> mail 
> addresses to consult with the people involved in 2003.

Yes, my short google search yesterday gave me also something from 2003
-- someone reported that it is possible by setting label, show and
realize it, and then calling 3 times gtk-parent-widget to get the tree
view header widget and then set the color. I have not saved that search
result, it is a hack which may work for a specific GTK version, but not

It is sad that it does not work for you, but generally it is not a good
idea to change the default style that much. You may ask at IRC or
StackOverflow, maybe there the change to be heard by GTK developers is
better. Maybe also say why you think that you need it, so motivation to
answer is better.

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