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Re: Misconduct of GTK+/glib Bugtracker Admins

On Sun, Jun 7, 2015 at 6:08 PM, IgnorantGuru
<ignorantguru@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> It’s not a question of whether I personally want to use systemd or
> gvfs or Red Hat's tools, or even what conspiracies that
> billion-dollar corporation may be involved with. But as an
> independent FM developer using GTK as my GUI, I want my software to
> be able to run on a wide variety of systems, not just Gnome (and not
> just Gnome's very latest, since they have no respect for backwards
> compat). MANY users go out of their way to avoid DEs, systemd, gvfs,
> dbus, etc. - Linux is full of options.

And you want the GNOME developers to support all of them?

> Further, many FM devs HATE gvfs and udisks, including the ones that
> use them. I had so many problems with udisks support that I wrote
> udevil to replace it, which quieted the problems immediately.
> SpaceFM has only gtk, glib, and udev as core dependencies (very
> unusual for a file manager), allowing it to run almost anywhere with
> any set of system tools in use, and this took work to achieve. If
> they connect gtk to gvfs with a hard dependency, or claim systemd
> must be in use,

GTK+ does not require systemd.

> then my users have to install all of Gnome just to use my app,

GTK+ does not require GNOME.

> similar to how you have to install KDE and all its crap to use
> krusader. If you want to use both, you have all these extraneous
> daemons and packages installed and running. That’s how corporations
> think they achieve dominance - by forcing people to install their
> whole DE. But that just causes devs and users to drop GTK. And it's
> ridiculous for my app to care what init system a user or distro has
> selected - that's their business. My app and it's GUI toolkit
> shouldn't care.

GTK+ does not care about the init system or distro.

> If they were smart, they’d realize that making a very smart GUI
> toolkit with minimal dependencies and good backwards compat would
> ensure GTK’s long life and wide adoption. Perhaps they just try to
> keep it for Gnome-only’s use, viewing it in a competitive way and
> being hostile to use by others, hostile to 3rd party theming which
> users greatly enjoy and prioritize, etc, or they’re deliberately
> running it into the ground to destroy GTK and ensure Qt’s adoption
> (which they’re certainly achieving).
> GTK is being abandoned at a phenomenal rate primarily due to Red
> Hat's agenda and conflicts of interest. If you genuinely support the
> toolkit, you may wish to take notice of that, and its reasons.

GTK+ is not a Red Hat project.

> As for who agrees with me and who doesn't, outside of fanboy lists
> and such, most people I encounter are QUITE unhappy with GTK 3, and
> often ask why I use it at all. And many devs I know have left it,
> even when it required large amounts of rewriting their apps.
> Were I to select a new GUI toolkit for a new app (Gnome or not), I
> would not select GTK, largely because of the obnoxious and arrogant
> behavior of Red Hat employees and stooges involved in the
> development and bugtrackers, as well as their lack of respect for
> minimal dependencies, project separation, and community involvement.

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