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Re: Misconduct of GTK+/glib Bugtracker Admins

On Thu, 4 Jun 2015 16:30:43 -0400
Paul Davis <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Wow, what an amazing waste of time and space.

Yes, that's what I thought for such a simple bug.  Imagine if Comment #1 had been:

"Indeed, we seem to have broken gio when we added our gvfs hack, making the file chooser see only our file manager's mounts, ignoring everyone else's.  That's a simple fix so I'll take care of it immediately.  Thanks for bringing it to our attention."

Everything else from them in that bug report was inaccurate and irrelevant, hostile and dismissive, and completely unnecessary.  I realize that's their normal tone with people, so those used to it may not hear it at all anymore, but for those of us used to working on open projects where opinions are heard, it's unbelievable conduct.

Perhaps it would be better if people actually interested in and capable of correcting a bug respond to bug reports, rather than just corporate reps trying to silence everything?  If there aren't any willing to correct it, just leave it open and unaddressed, which is what it really is, rather than allowing people to just preemptively close things, threaten people, and argue irrelevant details.  The amount of confusion created there by those responding to a very simple bug is astounding.
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