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Re: Undeprecate GtkAlignment ?

On 04/06/2015 01:38, Emmanuele Bassi wrote:
To be fair, it's high time people started writing their layout
managers as well, instead of just having GTK provide them; this way,
if they get included inside GTK, we'll all have a good grasp on their
use, scope, and constraints, before committing to API stability.

I tried that (a looong time ago, on GTK 2.4) and eventually all I did was extending GtkTable and rewriting gtk_widget_size_allocate.

At the time there was no tutorial, no decent documentation on how to write a layout manager, no examples aside the (quite complicated) source of GtkTable and the likes. In the end I still don't know if I did everything "in the right way", but it works, so I guess it's fine (at least for our purposes).

Is the situation still the same? I can see why most people prefer to use the standard layout containers rather than implementing their own...

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