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Re: Undeprecate GtkAlignment ?


> 1-06-2015  21:01 Pierre Wieser <pwieser@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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> Would it be possible to envisage undeprecation of GtkAlignment widget ?
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> Pierre
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I support this for other reasons:

1. The current documentation of GtkAlignment says that its xalign and
   yalign properties can be replaced by halign and valign properties
   of GtkWidget. This is not quite true because xalign and yalign properties
   could have any gfloat value from 0 to 1 while halign and valign can
   be only GTK_ALIGN_START (corresponding to 0), GTK_ALIGN_END (corresponding
   to 1.0), GTK_ALIGN_CENTER (corresponding to 0.5) and of course
   GTK_ALIGN_FILL and GTK_ALIGN_BASELINE (which are not interesting in
   this context). There is no way to replace other values of xalign/yalign,
   like 0.25 or 0.33333.
2. GtkAlignment had the xscale and yscale properties which could be used to
   make the child fill a specified fraction (or percentage) of its parent.
   Currently we have the fill and expand properties and the GTK_ALIGN_FILL
   value of halign/valign but they allow to control the size of the child
   widget in two extreme ways: either fill as few space as possible or fill
   whole available space. Also we have margins and paddings which let the child
   have some space around but the distance is expressed in (logical) pixels.
   There is no way to make the child fill e.g. 90% of the container and
   keep the margin/child ratio as the container is resized. Such feature
   would be also helpful to design the UI which automatically adapts to the
   available screen size.

Some time ago we have discussed this on IRC and eventually filed the bug:
As you can see undeprecation of GtkAlignment would be helpful for us.
Alternatively a new container could be developed but some of its features
would actually be the same as of GtkAlignment.


Rafal Luzynski
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