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Undeprecate GtkAlignment ?

Hi all,

I am the maintainer of Nautilus-Actions, currently working to getting
rid of Gtk2 scories, porting to last Gtk3 features, and extending to
other file managers.

After having migrated my laptop to last Fedora 22, I notice that the
GtkAlignment widget has been deprecated (since Gtk 3.14 according to
the doc).

Rightly or not, I do a heavy use of GtkAlignment as it provides in
Glade some sort of transparent container, where I am able to later
add any widget from the code.
Setting align and margin properties in each candidate child make my
code heavier and less agile. Intuitively, I am going to try to 
factorize these alignment properties, thus recreating a GtkAlignment-
like bunch of functions.

This appears to me as unneeded work, without any added value :(

Would it be possible to envisage undeprecation of GtkAlignment widget ?

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