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Re: Moving from mailing lists to Discourse

> hiding things that previously were obvious and made inaccessible without scripting overhead
> enabled, overabundant whitespace, tiny gray text, short lists where 5X as many would otherwise fit.

All these points that you make apply to Discourse. Its client side seems entirely JS and doesn't work on an older phone and often won't load in WebKit-GTK. I'm able to read Fedora mailing lists on both of these and even in a text browser, so it means at least this drawback HyperKitty doesn't have.

> I avoid it as much as possible, trying to get answers from bugzilla.redhat.com or IRC or the
> archlinux wiki whenever possible instead.

Well one should search wikis and bugzilla before writing to a mailing list so they aren't really alternatives. IRC is, yes.
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