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Re: GitLab CI runners for non-Linux systems

On 18 May 2018 at 10:52, Philip Withnall <philip@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
tl;dr: Want to provide us with a GitLab CI runner for a non-Linux

There’s been a surge of interest recently, from various directions, in
getting GLib better tested on non-Linux architectures. This is great,
and we’ve got various people to thank for doing the thankless work of
porting and testing. Particularly:
 • macOS: Ryan Schmidt, Patrick Griffis, Michael Lauer, John Ralls
 • Windows/MinGW/MSYS2: LRN, Christoph Reiter, Xavier Claessens, Chun-
wei Fan
 • Android: Xavier Claessens
 • *BSD: Ting-Wei Lan

Would you be interested in extending the Linux coverage to include cross-building to proper Linux?

https://gitlab.gnome.org/rburton/glib/-/jobs/42792 is a bit hacky but demonstrates that using a Yocto-built toolchain with autotools, glib will cross-build successfully to aarch64.  Next step is to try with Meson, but auto* was easier as we exercise that in our own QA.

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