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Re: Giving GtkPane more than 2 children?

On 05/11/2018 01:57 PM, Paul Davis wrote:
> Does your new pane correctly restore the divider positions? The existing
> GtkPane fails to be able to restore the pane divider position precisely.
> The reasons why are fairly obvious once you dive into the code. I wrote
> a new (GTK+2) pane widget for Ardour, too.

The allocations are distributed in a series of stages that allow us to
prioritize what matters.


It only "pins" a value between two children when the user manually drags
a handle. Everything else is handled appropriately given the features we
have available to us in gtk3 (natural sizes, HfW/WfH, h/vexpand, etc).

I avoided using percentages between children because in practice it felt
jittery under resize. But since we use natural size + expand and what
not, the typical resize case is attractive.

If you need persistence of settings between runs, there are
child-properties for everything.

-- Christian
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