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Re: gtk3 public API requests

On 04/05/2018 01:32 AM, Jonas Ådahl wrote:
> The reason for moving away from using subsurfaces for various things is
> that they cannot be positioned properly when they extend outside the
> parent window (they tend to sometimes go partly off-screen), and should
> rather use xdg_popup+xdg_positioner instead.

The problem with that approach, at least if my experience using things
is an accurate representation of the design, is that it's quite
difficult to change or reposition the xdg_popup without first unmaping
the widget.

For example, imagine a popup that can grow in both directions
horizontally, but stay anchor'd to a position off-center.

                      | original size here ... ...   |
         |            |    dx anchor here            |       |
         |            |                              |       |
         | new size        dx anchor still here              |

I've yet to get this to work with the popup without first hiding the
window which gives this really annoying flicker.

But when using a subsurface, it basically Just Works™.

-- Christian
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