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Re: Does GTK+ do automated/nightly performance regression testing?

On 05.02, Clemens Eisserer wrote:
> So back to the original question: How does the GTK+ project make sure
> to spot performance regressions when they are introduced?
> And if there is nothing automated, would there be interest in such a
> project -  Would it be useful and used by the developers doing feature
> work?

Aside from what Emmanuele already said: yes, that would be very useful.
However, the performance problems in gtk4 are not that much related to
rendering (mostly...), but the much bigger problem is CSS
(in)validations. GTK4 does a lot more CSS state changes due to automatic 
focus and :hover tracking with CSS pseudo classes. While the number of
CSS nodes should not have significantly increased, the fact that we e.g.
set :hover on a listbox node with many children is new in gtk4. But then
again, this is already known to be slower and what we need is a fix for

Still, I think even if you can't automate it, a performance testsuite
for certain things (or just a bunch of executables in tests/, really)
would be good in any case.
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