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Python error when building gdbus-codegen stuff (in glib / gio)

I'm not yet building with meson so forgive me if this is just down to my build system being out-of-date !!

The problem happens when I try to build glib/gio from yesterday's git master. More specifically it happens when building the 'gdbus-codegen' stuff. 'The file 'gdbus-2.0/codegen/codegen_docbook.py' contains this at line 33:-

      class DocbookCodeGenerator:
          def __init__(self, ifaces):  // <--- NOTE THIS CHANGE !!
              self.ifaces = ifaces

              // etc. . .

Previously it looked like this:-

      class DocbookCodeGenerator:
def __init__(self, ifaces, docbook, outdir): //<--- ORIGINAL LINE !!
              self.ifaces = ifaces

              // etc. . .

But in the file 'gdbus-2.0/codegen/codegen_main.py' it seems to be getting called like this, at line 186:-

docbook_gen = codegen_docbook.DocbookCodeGenerator(all_ifaces, docbook, outdir);

(which hasn't changed AFAICT). Python is complaining that too many parameters are getting passed here.

Once again - apologies if this is all due to my build system being out-of-date...

John Emmas
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