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Re: Build system change GTK's master branch

On 15 August 2017 at 04:09, Chun-wei Fan (范君維) <fanc999@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks to Emmanuele for giving me the credit here :)

Absolutely well earned.

> Emmanuele Bassi 於 2017/8/15 上午 05:46 寫道:
>> The change means that GTK+ master now has a build-time dependency on:
>>    - Python 3.x
>>    - Meson - http://mesonbuild.com
>>    - Ninja (though Meson also supports Visual Studio out of the box)
>> Building GTK+ is now a matter of calling:
>>    $ meson $builddir $srcdir
>>    $ ninja -C $builddir
>>    $ sudo ninja -C $builddir install
> I should also mention that there are a few bugs underway to make the Meson
> build experience on Windows/Visual Studio better/working for the stack,
> which includes:
> GLib: 783270 and 784995
> ATK: 785802
> Pango: 783274
> GDK-Pixbuf: 785767
> GTK+-4.x/3.9x: 785210 (Meson), 773299 (sources)
> Any comments in those bugs are really appreciated, and thanks to all who
> have given pointers there, including Emmanuele, Bastien, Alejandro and
> Ignacio (and to those who I may have missed, sorry!)

I'll make sure to review those bugs, thanks.

> Please also note that there is a PR on Meson to fix introspection builds of
> GTK+ on Windows[1] due to the 8192-character-per-command limit on Windows,

We should modify the introspection scanner to allow taking a list of files.

If the Python setup/teardown cost weren't so high, I'd even look into
running g-ir-scanner on individual files, generate intermediate
introspection data, and then have a "link" phase to generate the XML;
that would also immensely help with incremental builds.

> and Visual Studio 2008 support is not quite there for projects that still
> support it (i.e. for Python 2.7.x support, as that is built with Visual
> Studio 2008 for Windows), as we need to embed SxS manifests with 2008
> builds.

Supporting Visual Studio pre-2015 is going to be hard; various modules
are trying to standardise on a C99 pipeline, and I'd rather move away
from nearly ten year old development environments if that involves
work on our side.


[@] ebassi [@gmail.com]
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