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Re: Licensing

On Wed, Apr 19, 2017 at 09:02:21AM +0100, John Emmas via gtk-devel-list wrote:
> Hi guys - whilst checking something else this morning I came across an
> anomaly in the licensing mechanism for glib / gtk+ etc.
> The vast majority of the header files state that it's LGPL.  But
> occasionally there are GPL headers here and there.  For example in glib-2,
> the following 11 header files stipulate GPL:-
>       gbase64.h
>       gbookmarkfile.h
>       gchecksum.h
>       ghmac.h
>       glib-private.h
>       glib-unix.h
>       gmain.h
>       gmain-internal.h
>       gmessages-private.h
>       goption.h
>       gpoll.h
> Just thought I'd flag it up in case it's unintentional,

I've checked the 3 first files that you list, and they are correctly
licensed under the LGPL (up until recently it was the "GNU Library
General Public License", it's now the "GNU Lesser General Public

Please double check the list.

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