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[RFC] Renaming the GtkSourceView namespace from GtkSource to Gsv


For GtkSourceView 3.90, there is a plan to rename the namespace from
GtkSource to Gsv:

Because the current namespace (GtkSource, or gtk_source in lowercase)
conflicts with the GTK+ one.

But I have never heard complaints from GTK+ developers.

So the question is: does it worth the big API churn? Or do you think it
is OK to continue using the GtkSource namespace?

Another element to take into account: GtkSourceView doesn't show the
good example, although it is a widespread library, so external
developers might create other libraries that also conflict with the Gtk
namespace. Example: GtkSpell.

PS: it is not me who created GtkSourceView, I started contributing much
later, so the namespace conflict isn't my fault, I prefer to clarify.

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