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Re: Gtk+4.0

On Thu Jul 7 11:35:02 2016 GMT+0200, Davin McCall wrote:
> Hi,

Thanks for your mail. Sadly I'm currently only connected with a very slow throttled mobile network.

I generally think you are pointing at the right issues. The API-Desing and the plan behind.  The officiall announcment calmed me down a little and  sounded better than the previous one, I want ask a question:
It sounds like the biggest API-Breaks are delayed in the development-cycle till the last internal version, is that right? Or did I misunderstood that? Awkward. I would do that early, in the first cycle.

Three years of stability sound also better than two, while I still hope for nearly no breaks and the officiall announcment seems to say, that the API doesn't necessarily break between the stable majors if not required. Well, Davin is pointing at this.

I understand the need for Gtk4 (X11-Foundation inside Gtk/GDK, GSK and so on) itself. I'm worried that the subsequent plan to break *regulary* for *stability* and splitting up into to permanent branches is not what the application-developers need. Is it possible, that the wrong thing happens for the right reason? I have the feeling that Gtk want give the application-developers what they want, but is doing the opposite by accident?


PS: A lot of people mention CSS. Honestly, that is not part of the Programming-API! How much API-Break (C, C++, Python) did we faced in Gtk3? 
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