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Re: Gtk 3.21.6?

On Mon, 2016-09-12 at 14:33 +0100, Phillip Wood wrote:
> I've just noticed that the Gtk blog says the 3.21.5 release is likely
> to
> be the last release before 3.22.0. I'm not sure if that is still the
> case, but I'd like to do a 3.21.92 release for sound-juicer that
> relies
> on a Gtk version containing commit 0984d16 - GtkScrolledWindow: Bug
> 766569 - Make propagation of natural child sizes optional
> As the behaviour of GtkScrolledWindow has changed since the last
> unstable release would it be possible for there to be a 3.21.6
> please.

> I want this to fix the super-tall panels in gnome-control-center as
> well.
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