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Re: Gtk+4.0


On 3 September 2016 at 10:27, Sébastien Wilmet <swilmet@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The versioning looks much better. Small detail, during the next
> development cycle, the alpha/beta/rc versions will be 3.89.x, with the
> 3.90.0 version released in March 2017, right?

Starting at ".90" has a good round number feeling to it, and it makes
it easier to spot the pattern — but we're still debating which minor
version number will be assigned to the first development release of
the cycle. We are reluctant to drop the invariant that the odd release
numbers signal instability, so the first release in a development
cycle would be .91, and the first "island of stability" following it 6
months later would be .92, followed by the development cycle starting
with .93, etc.:

  [ Development starts here ]
  .91.0 → .91.n — development, dropping deprecated API
  .92.0 → .92.n — partially stable
  .93.0 → .93.n — development, with no strict blanket backward
compatibility guarantee

  [ Long term support starts here ]
  .0.0 → .0.n — stable
  .1.0 → .1.n — development, backward compatible
  .2.0 → .2.n — stable

This would also make it easier to deal with the versioning macros
instead of adding an "89" special case.

Currently we're still working on getting the 3.22 release out; as soon
as that's done, we're going to concentrate on the development cycle
for 4.0, including the deciding the actual version that begins it.


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