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Re: Developing a new text editor widget?

On 06/05/2016 01:25 PM, LRN wrote:
>> If we could sacrifice 100% correct scrollbar correctness (really,
>> its
>>> not that big of a deal) we could avoid this problem. Just
>>> estimate by byte offset the Y position, and make calculated
>>> offsets in the Y position b-tree/treap/index relative to it's
>>> parent node.
> That could be an interesting feature. Places with dense code (many 
> characters, compared to the number of '\n's) will take longer to
> scroll through (if each PageDown scrolls N bytes).

That should be fine. The issue is more about when you jump to 75% of
the document from the top.

We can calculate local sizing information while skipping the
line-height calculation of 0..75%.

-- Christian

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