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Re: g_error_free() warning on null pointer


On 08/15/2015 02:54 PM, Michael McConville wrote:
> Rather than strange, I'd say it was intentional and insightful. In
> function bodies, you often have pointers that are used in conditions and
> may or may not be null. There's a very easy and clean way to deal with
> this: initialize them to NULL at the beginning and free them at the end.
> Freeing conditionally in the body can be awkward and often leads to
> memory leaks. I can send you a few examples from the Pidgin codebase if
> you're interested.

Try g_clear_error(&error) instead of g_error_free(error) to get the
effect you want.

If you have a modern compiler/GLib, you can use g_autoptr() as well. I
usually avoid this with GError though, in case it gets used in multiple

-- Christian
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