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Re: Changing background of TextView makes selection invisible

<Cross posting to devel because devs don't read the original list>

2015-06-14 23:51 GMT+02:00 Kasper Peeters <kasper.peeters@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> Before you start following the page it is owth noting that
>> gtk_widget_override_color(), which function is recommended here for
>> you want to do
> No, that overrides the color of the text of the widget, not the
> background color.
> There is 'gtk_override_background_color' (also deprecated since 3.16)
> but that exhibits the same problem as the CSS-based solution: while the
> color of the background indeed changes, it also sets the color of the
> selection highlight to the same color. As a result, when you select
> text in this TextView, you cannot see how much you have selected.
Is there anyone who knows a solution for that?

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