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Re: GDK_KP_Decimal (on Windows)

On 29/04/2015 08:54, John Emmas wrote:

The Windows version looks slightly different:-

    case VK_ADD:
      *ksymp = GDK_KP_Add; break;
    case VK_SEPARATOR:
      *ksymp = GDK_KP_Separator; break;
    case VK_SUBTRACT:
      *ksymp = GDK_KP_Subtract; break;

    // some others

However, the list for Windows doesn't seem to include 'GDK_KP_Decimal'. Might this explain why the decimal point key is getting ignored on Windows?

Just for the hell of it I decided to add an entry for GDK_KP_Decimal - and sure enough, it seems to have fixed the problem. Does anyone know of a valid reason why that one got left out for the Windows list? Thanks.

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