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Re: Should we drop XP?

> Do you need to run the latest glib (and gtk+) on these systems though?
> Its not like the old versions of glib suddenly stopped working.

That's correct indeed.
It is of course always easier if we support the same version of gtk+ on all the
systems we deal with (currently that's 7 or 8, from Solaris, to linux, osx and windows,
with 32 or 64 bits).
Recent versions of gtk+ have of course significantly improved the support of OS X and
Windows, so it is always nice if we can move forward for these systems, but indeed if
there is no support for XP we would have to carefully consider whether to upgrade or
not. We can certainly freeze our version of gtk+ for a few more years until XP is really
out of the loop...

Again, it would be nice if we could have more details as to what features in gtk+ could
be improved once XP is dropped

(*) I certainly understand that the gtk+ developers will have the final word here, I just
wanted to point out that XP is still in use out there, especially in large companies...
Of course, since Microsoft has dropped support for XP, those people should really
consider updating... but they are harder to convince than the gtk+ developers :-)
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